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Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Pro, analysis: Xiaomi’s most beastly scooter is ideal if you weigh more than 100 kg (and if not, too)

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Xiaomi continues to give one more twist to one of the most iconic and popular products in its huge catalog: its electric scooters. We have thoroughly tested the Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Pro, the most powerful, largest and most autonomous scooter ever launched by the Chinese firm. Of course, we warn you from now on that this ambitious iteration has a price to match.

Technical sheet of the Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Pro

Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Pro


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1,198 x 484 x 1,240mm




Rise angle: 20º


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Rated power 700W

Power 350W



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55 kilometers


12,400mAh (474Wh)


eABS dual braking system

10″ self-sealing tubeless tires


Compatible with Android 4.3 / iOS 9.0 or higher

Led screen

Bluetooth 4.1



Design: cityaltius, fortius

Image 4584

After comparing electric scooters and testing its predecessor the Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2, when I unpacked this Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Pro, my first impression was how huge it is.

The reality is that it is just a few centimeters larger (1,198 x 484 x 1,240 mm vs. 1,130 x 430 x 1,180 mm), which are not very noticeable when driving and yes when it comes to comfort: slightly less agile and sporty, but more comfortable “at the wheel”for example by placing your feet on a wider base.

In any case, we are dealing with a scooter so large that, although it fits perfectly under the bed when it is folded, it requires a bit of dedication to put it diagonally in the trunk of a Seat Leon. The same if you are going to carry it in your arms: those 2 kilos and extra coupled with its bulkiness make it moving it glued is reduced to the essential and necessary minimum.

If the new generations are getting bigger, the new Xiaomi scooter, too.

But there is no evil that for good does not come: There is already a Xiaomi scooter that can hold more than 100 kg of weight, specifically 120 kg, a figure that allows you to open up the market and that I dare to say is more in keeping with the profile of the times. If the new generations are getting bigger, the new Xiaomi scooter, too.

At first glance, many changes may not be appreciated, but there are, there are, although they are imperceptible at a quick glance. Xiaomi came up with the recipe for scooters years ago – there is no greater proof and guarantee than to remain mainstream on the streets despite the fact that there is already very serious competition – and now it is limited to polishing details.

Thus, this scooter is made of corrosion-resistant aluminum that feels durable and robust, with an elegant matte finish that, as in other editions, scratches relatively quickly on contact with a padlock or keys.

Brake in the left hand, “gas” in the right grip, bell, white front and red rear lights, control screen on the handlebars, kickstand… all this is identical, so we proceed to list the main changes:

  • Regarding the Pro 2 has slightly changed the safety of the folding systemwhich is still very fast: the lever remains, but if before the lock was placed by turning a piece of plastic, now it has a sliding tab made of the same material as the rest, which a priori seems more durable with continued use.
Image 5026

  • The wheels go from being pneumatic and 8 and ½ inches to about 10″ self-sealing tubeless tires that promise puncture resistance through the Xiaomi DuraGel system. During my weeks of testing I have had no problems with them, but I can tell you in advance that this larger diameter has been more pleasant for me when driving on terrain with certain irregularities.
Image 4590

  • The charging port goes from being a small hole in which to embed the cable with its respective pin located under the base to a magnetic charging system on the basebeing more visible and that is all and for Android) to enjoy all its virtues.

    Image 4603

    And now that? Well, essentially, more of the same: hop on, turn it on and give it a little boost so that it kicks in when you hit the throttle. There are three driving modes:

    • pedestrian modewith a limited speed range of up to 5 km/h, useful for moving through areas where you have to go slowly, for example in traffic jams or crowded and/or narrow areas.

    • standard mode up to 20 km/h. A way to stretch the autonomy of the battery by not taking it to the most demanding point, can be interesting for areas without many uphill slopes.

    • If the area is clear and you prefer to squeeze him, then switch to sport mode to reach 25 km/h. It is also useful for climbing steep hills by allowing the scooter to reach its full power.

    One of the novelties of this Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Pro is that it includes a motor with 350W of nominal power and 700W of maximum, something more than the previous Pro. Of course, it continues limited to a top speed of 25 km/h as required by law.

    This increased power allows you to climb hills with a slope of up to 20 degrees as the previous Pro did, but of course, it also weighs more and supports a higher maximum load. This last point is in practice the most interesting, since when driving it is not appreciated in excess: on the steepest climbs in my city, such as the Cuesta de la Reina, pushing it to the maximum and in sports mode, I have reached the 13km/h

    Image 4515

    Obviously here not only the power of the engine influences, but also other factors such as my own weight, the direction of the wind or going from asphalt to gravel. In any case, it is a qualitative point: Pamplona is a city full of slopes and during my trips through it at no time have I had to get off because the scooter could not handle me, although it does go down to around 10 km/h.

    Image 4951

    Suspensions are still on the must of this latest installment of Xiaomi. It is true that its wheels, being larger, better withstand the irregularities of the terrain, but taking into account its Pro surname and its price, it would not be unreasonable to expect them.

    The suspensions are still in the “must” of this latest installment of Xiaomi

    The brake system remains effective and safe: It is almost immediate but it does not brake suddenly, which would be dangerous depending on the scenario. To achieve this, this scooter combines a dual-pad rear and eABS front disc brake system. In addition, from the app, it is possible to regulate the intensity of KERS energy recovery to stretch the autonomy a little more.

    Image 4578

    It integrates a 12,400 mAh battery with a theoretical autonomy of 55 kilometers, but again, how long it lasts will depend on external and personal circumstances. In any case, this section has pleasantly surprised me, given that I have driven most of the time in sport mode and with quite a few hills: I have exceeded 20 km without spending even half of the battery (56%). Thus, without taking special care, you can exceed 40 – 45 km per charge.

    As for the charging time, without being to launch rockets, it is significantly faster than the 2 Pro, going from approximately 9 hours to about 6 hours to reach 100%. In my case, the autonomy of this scooter was more than enough for my trips, so I have charged it once a week, not representing a problem, but if you have a plug nearby, you could also do it at your workplace.


    You can do this information, other statistics and other options such as activating cruise control to maintain speed, blocking the engine to make it more difficult to steal, configuring braking energy recovery or turning on the rear light. from the application, which is intuitive and easy to use. You may not be a very technological person, but it is worth it: keep in mind that, for example, the autonomy step from 45 to 55 kilometers has arrived.

    Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Pro, Xataka’s opinion

    Image 4485

    Electric scooters have deservedly earned their place on the streets for offering a comfortable way of getting around, in which you don’t sweat (important if you go to the office), agile, easy to park and solvent for urban distances. Compared to electric bicycles, they are also more affordable and, inherent to their greater simplicity, their maintenance is lower.

    The Chinese firm took the cat to the water offering a model that, without being perfect, showed chest in quality price

    Among them there is one that shines with its own light: the Xiaomi scooter. It can be the original, the Lite, the Pro or any of its later generations. The Chinese firm took the cat to the water offering a model that, without being perfect and with room for improvement, was robust, worked well, offered a balanced driving between sports and urban and the best, chest in quality price. Just take a look at the competition to see that finding models with similar features in its price range was a complex mission. In addition, what better guarantee than to see that it is still the one chosen by many users who take it to the streets every day.

    But the competition and the users are growing and Xiaomi has to renew itself to continue being a reference. This Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Pro is the model for long distances – like the previous Pro – thanks to its great autonomy, but the best: It is the Xiaomi electric scooter for people weighing more than 100 kg. And this is not trivial.

    A model with a larger battery and that has to be more bulky requires a motor to match and this Pro has it. The B-side of that integration of high-performance components and bulkier design is weight: folded it is not compact and not pleasant to carry in arms.

    For practical purposes there are two more features that whoever has a Xiaomi scooter will probably appreciate: both its folding system like its tires seem to have evolved to improve its durability, although that is something to assess with continued use, in the medium term. What there is no doubt about is that driving with larger wheels is more comfortable in the face of irregularities, although for the current price the arrival of suspensions could already be expected.

    Of course, it can no longer be said that it is a cheap scooter

    More of everything has a direct consequence: its price has skyrocketed. From the 549 euros of the Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2 to 799 euros goes a generous price increase of 250 euros. Of course, it can no longer be said that it is a cheap scooter, although it is still interesting overall in terms of quality and price.

    I see it as a matter of weight. If you weigh more than 100 kg and bet on the experience and know-how of Xiaomi, it is your scooter. If this is not the case, the previous generation is still a most convenient option with which to save a good deal.

    This device has been loaned for testing by Xiaomi. Can inquire our policy of relationships with enterprises.

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