Xiaomi does not stop: prepare a new and powerful high-end mobile, the 13S Ultra

Xiaomi does not stop: prepare a new and powerful high-end mobile, the 13S Ultra

Practically all of the Xiaomi 13 range is already a reality, but the Asian company still has some surprise about it. And, this, it seems that it will not take long to be official according to the information that has been known. We tell you what the firm is working on to put more pressure on the most powerful market in the market.

The data that has been published indicates that the manufacturer has already prepared the Xiaomi 13S Ultra, which is a twist compared to the most current phones that the company has on the market. Therefore, we talk about a device that will be very powerful and that it will keep some cameras where the help of Leica will be essential. In short, an interesting novelty… but, yes, without strange tests in terms of novelties (more muscle, wow).

What to expect from this new Xiaomi

Among the components that the new smartphone we are talking about will surely offer, is that it will have Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor from Qualcomm. Therefore, you will not have problems with the most current and demanding applications for Android. In addition, the RAM will be a minimum of 12GBwhich means that this will be a very important bet of the firm to offer the maximum possible and not be left behind from the competition such as OnePlus or Samsung.

Xiaomi 13S Ultra rear camera

Being sure that the screen was AMOLED with a QHD + resolution (here could be one of the differences with the Xiaomi 13 range, since the frequency would rise to 144Hz), in what has to do with the set of cameras it does not seem that the number is different, but it is possible that the main sensor is one inchso we are talking about a significant improvement in the precision of everything that is done with the new Xiaomi, both photos and recording videos.

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The announcement of this phone is very close.a

If what the source of the information has indicated is taken into account, the device would be one of those that would be announced during the 2023 Mobile World Congress, which will be held as usual in Barcelona. Therefore it will be sometime between February 27 and March 3, which are the dates on which this event will take place. In addition, it seems that the device could be accompanied by some others, such as the new Xiaomi Pad 6 tablet (which will have a normal and a Pro variant).

A very important final detail: unlike the previous budding of this high-end model, the Xiaomi 13S Ultra It can be purchased in all places where the Asian firm is present. That is to say, that he will arrive in Spain. Good news for fans of everything this company does.