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Xiaomi continues to use a virtual proximity sensor in the Xiaomi 12S Ultra

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Xiaomi has once again enlisted Elliptic Labs, a Norwegian provider of software-based virtual proximity sensors, on its latest Xiaomi 12S Ultra and Xiaomi 12 Pro Dimensity Edition flagships.

Laila Danielsen, CEO of the Norwegian company, has stated that “Xiaomi’s continued selection of our AI Virtual Proximity Sensor for its leading smartphones, and the collective success of our companies, underscores why the AI ​​Virtual Smart Sensor platform is a strong solution for motion detection. proximity on smartphones.

“AI’s Virtual Smart Sensor Platform is a 100% software solution that makes devices smarter, greener and more human-friendly, enabling the best and most innovative smartphone designs” Add.

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Proximity sensors turn off the screen and disable touch when people hold the smartphone up to their ear during a phone conversation. This reduces the chance of hanging up on a call or dialing numbers when the phone is close to your ear or face, while conserving battery life by automatically turning off the screen.

In general, mobile phones include an infrared optical sensor under the screen that is responsible for detecting the proximity of the face.

Nevertheless almost all Xiaomi devices use Elliptic Lab’s AI virtual proximity sensor, which detects proximity using ultrasound through the speaker. This reduces the cost of devices and eliminates the risk of missing chips.

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However, in the past, many users have encountered performance problems with these types of sensors, which are not always as accurate as traditional optical sensors.

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