Xiaomi announces a very fast and highly compatible 1TB SSD

Xiaomi announces a very fast and highly compatible 1TB SSD

We have already commented on more than one occasion that Xiaomi is a company that is not afraid to explore all kinds of markets. Now that you’ve got your first desktop computer announced, it’s time for an accessory that’s especially useful with these devices (but can also be used with tablets and smartphones). We refer to a external SSD drive.

The name of the product in question is Xiaomi Mobile SSD, so there is no doubt as to what type of device it is. In what has to do with your ability of storage, this is more than enough to make it a model that is very useful for taking information from one place to another safely: 1TB. Therefore, a lot of information can be saved, including multimedia content that is enjoyed with excellent solvency.

A high speed of work in this Xiaomi

What we have indicated before has a clear reason: the work that this disk does is excellent in what has to do with the speed with which data is read and written. The reason is that he is able to reach 200 MB/s, a brand that ensures that there is no problem with 4K resolution videos, for example. Even working with several files at the same time is not a problem, since it has more than enough solvency to offer a great user experience.


On the other hand, its compatibility is excellent, because it has no problem working with the most varied operating systems. An example is macOS and Windows (even Linux supports Xiaomi SSD without problem). But, also, if you have a team with Android 9 or higher, you can connect the accessory through its USB Type C port to access the information inside. By the way, it does not lack a small leds that allows you to know at all times the status of the device.

Price of this accessory

With a good aluminum finish and with lines that make it quite striking (being quite simple, it must be said). The exchange price of this Xiaomi model as a special launch promotion is about 90 euros (later it is around €110). Without a doubt, this makes it tremendously attractive and an option that, surely, many will have in mind if they need an accessory of this type. The availability is curious, since this is a product that comes as a crowdfunding that is activated on December 14, 2022 in China.


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