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Xiaomi already tests its electric car in real conditions, such as in the snow

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The steps that Xiaomi is giving to launch its electric car as soon as possible and in this way make things more complicated for Tesla, they are more and more numerous. Apart from everything that has to do with the manufacturing processes that are being improved, real tests are already being carried out and among them are those that have to do with the adverse weather conditions.

One of the things that is quite surprising is the big implication that has in everything that has to do with this product of the Company founder Lei Jun. It seems that it is very focused so that everything goes really well and the arrival of Xiaomi in the electric car segment is a success similar to that obtained in that of smartphones. If so, the Asian giant will give a very important step when it comes to diversifying -even more- the segments in which it is able to obtain benefits.

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A demanding test for the Xiaomi car

What has been known thanks to the images that have been published is that the vehicle has been faced with some of the worst weather conditions that exist when driving: the existence of snow. In this way, the behavior of the car against extreme cold is established – and the possible existence of plates and slippery floors. With these tests, it is actually discovered if additional adjustments have to be made to comply with the standard safety regulations for the sale of the Xiaomi model.

One of the things that stands out in the source of the information is that a couple of models of the Asian company’s EV car were present in the tests, with slight differences in terms of design and size. Therefore, it could be that the Asian firm was building two variants of the vehicle that it prepares and that is committed to being one of Tesla’s great rivals in a short time. Of course, what is completely clear is that both belong to the sport sedan rangewhich is the first choice for the vast majority of manufacturers.


A sensor that is key in the tests

This was located on the roof of the car, and is LiDAR type. With it you can find out many details of behavior in the face of snow and, in addition, it could be indicative of more advanced work than expected in terms of autonomous driving. And this is something that would be surprising and would make the market look very differently at the Xiaomi electric car that is expected to go on sale. in the year 2024. Little by little, there is less and less left for it to be a reality.


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