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Xiaomi 13, new data on its characteristics appear, and they are spectacular

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Xiaomi 13, new data on its characteristics appear, and they are spectacular

One of the companies that is most active in the smartphone market is Xiaomi. Just a few weeks ago new devices from the firm were announced, including a new foldable and a powerful tablet, and this seems to know little. As it has been known, the arrival of a new high-end phone is closer than you might think. We are talking about the possible Xiaomi 13.

This terminal will have some very important characteristics because its objective is compete with the best that are about to hit the market, such as the iPhone 14 and the Samsung Galaxy S23. Therefore, expect the best from him. And, from what has been known, the bet will be very important and Xiaomi will put all the meat on the grill to offer differential options. Among them, there will be no lack of collaboration leica on the camera.

What has been known about the Xiaomi 13

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An example of the excellent options that are present in this phone will be that the integrated battery shall be single cell, which will be an optimal solution both for conservation and for offering an improved load in speed and reliability. Incidentally, everything indicates that the fast that will offer this smartphone it will be of 100W and the wirelesswill arrive at 50W (and, this, will be something that can mean a turning point to use this technology).

Xiaomi phone on a table

Apart from that, when it comes to the main hardware that phones use today, there is also good news. These indicate that the processor used will be the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, the most powerful it will do at the time the Xiaomi 13 goes on sale (RAM could reach 16 GB in the pro version of the device). In addition, the screen will offer important options, since it will be type AMOLED and will have a 2K resolution and possibly with a frequency of 120 or 144 Hz. So it will also stand out here.

Arrival to the smartphone market

Well, it seems that the usual dates on which the high-end phones of the Asian company arrive will be maintained. Thus, this device will be officially announced in the month of November to be the first to use some options (such as the processor mentioned above). And this is confirmed taking into account that the certification of the smartphone has already begun, which indicates that the design has finished and that manufacturing is in the process of starting.

By the way, the operating system that this Xiaomi phone will use will be Android (safely in its thirteenth version), as usual, and will feature MIUI customization. Therefore, things look very good for the Xiaomi 13, which will be a hard nut to crack for the entire competition. Price, for the moment, nothing at all.

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