Xiaomi 12, the global version with 8GB of RAM spotted on GeekBench

1642674601 1013081.jpeg
1642674601 1013081.jpeg

Xiaomi 12 launched on the Chinese market at the end of last year and after a rocket start on the domestic market, which saw it shatter any previous record of the company’s flash sales for the equivalent of About $ 283 million in just five minutes, is also preparing for its arrival on the international market.

As of today, there is still no date but surely the launch could take place by the end of the first quarter of the year, usually full of many news also by other competing companies. While waiting to know some more information, however, the first warning “bells” begin to arrive.

The result of the test obtained on GeekBench

A global version of the Xiaomi 12, identified with the code 2201123G, the same as a previous certification obtained in Indonesia, was in fact spotted in the database of the benchmark site Geekbench which revealed the presence of 8GB of RAM and cha confirmed the adoption of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, just like the Chinese version. Although this model was equipped with 8GB of RAM, it cannot be ruled out that it could also arrive a version with 12GB.

The test also reveals the presence of Android 12, which would suggest the launch with the latest version not only of the Google operating system but, probably, also with the MIUI 13, the new version of the user interface launched by Xiaomi at the same time as the presentation of the Xiaomi 12. As for the test results, this Xiaomi 12 scored 711 points in single core and 2834 in multi core.

Unlike last year, Xiaomi should bring to the international market not only the “basic” version of the Xiaomi 12 but also the Pro version, identified with the acronym 2201122G. It should not be excluded that an Ultra version may also arrive during the year but at the moment there is no information yet.