Xiaomi 12 Pro in the hands of JerryRigEverything: does it fold or not?


A weak response to the mistreatment of the well-known youtuber JerryRigEverything such as that of OnePlus 10 Pro has not been seen for some time. The durability test collapsed under the bending test, when the Chinese top of the range almost became a C. But was it an unfortunate accident or did today’s “tops”, with huge displays and reduced thicknesses, weaken? A case or a trend?

The arrival of a Xiaomi 12 Pro on the youtuber’s workbench it was an opportunity to partially answer the question: the two smartphones are almost identical in length and height while Xiaomi 12 Pro is even thinner of the competitor from Shenzhen, 8.2 against 8.6 mm.

Xiaomi 12 Pro 74.6 x 163.6 x 8.16 mm
6.73 inches – 3200×1440 px
OnePlus 10 Pro 73.9 x 163 x 8.55 mm
6.7 inches – 3216×1440 px


The durability test starts as usual from the verification of the scratch resistance. Removed the pre-applied film on the screen, Xiaomi 12 Pro resists like other smartphones equipped with the Gorilla Glass Victus protection, so the first scratches start to be visible at level 6 of the Mohs scale to be quite more evident if you insist with a tip level 7.

The chassis it is entirely in aluminum, the SIM trolley is sealed by a plastic ring to prevent access to liquids despite Xiaomi 12 Pro does not have an IP certification (but, at this point, it could still withstand short immersions in water), while the rear in frosted glass, it resists well the action of a balse cutter.

The fingerprint reader digital display can recognize the fingertip easily even if the surface is significantly damaged by scratches, which is an appreciable guarantee for those who look grimly at the protective films and do not treat the smartphone with gloves, so to speak.

Finally, the moment of truth, that is the dreaded bend test that in the last seven years, according to the youtuber, has caused a real structural failure to the OnePlus 10 Pro only. Despite the lower thickness, Xiaomi 12 Pro reacts to the bending much better than its rival: some creaking can be perceived, but it does not go further, with the device that remains intact and fully functional.

Xiaomi 12 Pro Blue 12GB RAM 256GB ROM

999 Xiaomi 12 Pro Gray 12GB RAM 256GB ROM



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