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Xbox: PC app now highlights games with accessibility features and completion time

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Microsoft refined the game discoveries features in the Xbox PC app this week. Additionally, the desktop app’s April update adds the ability to sort games by accessibility features and view collections based on how long it takes to play games to complete games.

Microsoft allowed developers to add accessibility feature tags to their games in late 2021. You can now filter the All PC Games list in the Windows app to show results with specific accessibility features like a stable camera, narrated game menus or custom volume controls (among others). The update updates the desktop app with Xbox consoles, which already included accessibility filtering.

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Additionally, as part of HowLongToBeat’s integration into Microsoft’s platform last year, new collections make it easier to find games based on their approximate completion times. The new “Quick Games to Play” and “Longer Games” collections are on the home screen of the PC app.

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For example, HowLongToBeat’s estimates for Mass Effect 3 include 24 and a half hours for the main story, 11 extra hours to complete side quests, and 50 hours total to complete the game completely.

So if you want to avoid games that require too much or too little investment, browsing these groups can be a useful way to find a starting point for your next adventure.

So what do you think of the new features in the Xbox app on PC?

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