Xattering, app unites WhatsApp with Twitter and Slack while respecting your privacy

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The Spanish company Setesca is behind this application that seeks to combine messaging with social networks completely free of charge.


Many social networks have always been free platforms where almost anyone could create an account in Spain without paying, but now this is changing. Not only has Twitter decided to launch a paid version on the market, but Meta, in response to European privacy regulations, is sending a notification to users in which it offers to accept its advertising conditions or pay a subscription to be able to use its social networks.

In this context, The Spanish company Setesca has launched Xattering on the market, a communication platform that combines some social network functions with the best of instant messaging applications, and all without losing sight of security and data protection. Among its main advantages is that “Xattering does not collect user data beyond what is necessary to create a user and what is necessary to be able to increase the quality as soon as the application fails,” he explains. Jordi DamiĆ , CEO of Setesca to EL ENGLISH – The Free Android.

In addition, it has a strong social component, which is closer to networks than to the channels and communities of other messaging apps such as WhatsApp or Telegram. Although, as always happens with new platforms of this type, It will be difficult for him to open a gap among so many giants, although it is not impossible.

Advertising segmentation has made many platforms look for methods that are slightly invasive of user privacy to obtain benefits, something that the app rejects. Its servers are located in the European Unionwhich has strict data protection regulations, and this can greatly benefit the people who use it: “by hosting the servers in the EU, Xattering complies with these regulations to ensure the privacy and security of user data “he maintains DamiĆ .

In addition, having the servers in Europe also affects their operation, since “it significantly improves the performance and speed of the application. This is especially important for Xattering, where latency can affect the user experience.” Another great advantage is that does not require a phone number to create an accountbut an email account is enough.


On the other hand, the company ensures that no user data is collected. Only the data requested from the user to create an account is saved. When you open the app for the first time, there are many fields such as profession or company that are totally optionalfor which you can start by simply giving your name, telephone number and little else.

Social networks have a section to send and receive messages, while some messaging apps have communities to provide a social component. However, Xattering proposes to go one step further, since it gives equal importance to both aspects, and integrates a section in which you can interact with any user of the social network. The main page of the application mixes conversations with groups, although it is possible to filter them with a single touch so that only one of the two is shown. These groups can be private, such as those with family and friends, but they can also be public.

Xattering App

In fact, you can start a conversation with any user of the application, upon request to connect. There is a search engine in which you can enter the data of the person you are looking for, without having to share the phone number or other personal data. There is a section dedicated to channels. In these, Users can meet to talk about topics that interest themand they are organized by topic so that anyone who wants can join and talk about topics such as employment or artificial intelligence.

Within these groups, users can share their thoughts on topics that interest them, and it is even possible to create secondary channels in each of the main ones in order to divide the topics that are talked about more precisely. This is one of its main differences with the WhatsApp and Telegram communities, since allows for global communication between people who are interested in the same topics. For example, within an artificial intelligence channel you can create secondary channels for each of the models, such as ChatGPT or Midjourney. As a point for improvement, it is true that the organization of the app is a bit diffuse, and dedicates a section only to contacts, which could be dedicated to another more useful category.

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