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X, the ‘superapp’ in which Elon Musk wants to turn Twitter

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Elon Musk buys Twitter

An app to draw them all in and bind them… not in the dark but in the blue nest of the Twitter bird.

WeChat, the reference that Musk manages for his superapp X, has more than a billion daily users in China alone

This is how the intentions of Elon Musk, the brand new owner of Twitter, could be summarized, after having previously reiterated his interest in developing what is known as “superapp” or “an app for everything”. X would be an application capable of offering very diverse services and with such a variety of tools and utilities that it can make a good number of the apps that everyone has installed on their mobile phones unnecessary.

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The concept is not new, in fact it has been working very effectively in China for years with a platform like WeChat, which brings together features of a social network, instant messaging or a payment and money transfer manager, among many other functions. Musk has referred on several occasions to “X”, the name he gives to this hypothetical “definitive application” that would allow centralizing in a single application:

-Instant messaging


-Social network


-Payment gateway

-Online store

-Reservation of restaurants

-Home food orders

-Planning and booking trips


-Online game

-Share car rides

The summary is to have a concentration of different micro applications centralized in a platform that offers the user a complete ecosystem, so that a large part of their digital relationships take place in that one location.

At the beginning of October, Musk declared that “buying Twitter is an accelerator to create X, the app for everything”, an application that, as in China with the very popular WeChat, concentrate the maximum daily activity of your usersboth social and commercial. A conception of an app that does not exist outside that country and that, for Musk, would mean the opportunity to generate that ecosystem based on the popularity of Twitter, a platform to which options have been incorporated, such as being able to participate in voice chat rooms or listen to podcasts.

The big difference between WeChat and Twitter is that the former has more than a billion daily active users. (in a single country) while Twitter does not reach 300 million daily active users worldwide. But despite this, the microblogging social network is still an excellent starting point that, according to Musk himself, would accelerate the development that he could have faced from scratch to offer his superapp X in three or five years.

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