WWDC 2023: for Kuo, investors are more interested in AI news than in the viewer


Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo argues that investors are more interested in artificial intelligence than they are in the anticipated AR/VR headset that Apple could present tonight during the WWDC 2023 keynote. For a long time, most of the rumors have said that the event will focus mainly on Apple’s virtual and augmented reality headset, but the focus of investors may have changed in recent months and this product risks becoming ‘almost’ sideline. According to TF Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, investors are more eager to learn about the company’s AI efforts.

In a tweet posted a few hours ago, Kuo shared some notes he drafted after recently talking to some investors about the contents of WWDC 2023. There was obviously talk of the long-rumored product, the AR/VR headset, and the analyst believes that this device could have a huge impact in the segment of computer graphics and 3D interaction, similar to what happened with ChatGPT in terms of generative artificial intelligence.

The analyst undoubtedly believes that the headset announcement could benefit Apple and the value of the companyHowever, most of Kuo’s post focuses on AI, as Kuo believes investors are more interested in knowing when Apple will launch services similar to ChatGPT than the viewer.

But that’s not all, as Kuo says the new device’s long-term success could be tied to its ability to deeply integrate with artificial intelligence technologies. There is also the possibility that something related to AI services in development and also connected to the new AR / VR device will be presented, an eventuality that the analyst strongly hopes for.

We know that Apple is ramping up its efforts in machine learning and AI, but it cannot be ruled out that some developers will step forward to enjoy similar services. A survey conducted in April found that 80% of Mac developers intended to integrate ChatGPT into their apps, and Apple certainly wouldn’t be happy with this development.