Write down the word PHOLED: this is what mobile screens will be like

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PHOLED mobile screen

The mobile sector is evolving by leaps and bounds. All you have to do is see that every year each manufacturer releases its new model to continue competing in the market and not be left behind. On this occasion, a revolutionary technology which will end up being implemented in the near future in order to improve the current panel standard and achieve much more powerful performance: the technology PHOLED. Take note of this name because it will be heard a lot in the coming months.

Televisions and cell phones have improved significantly over the years. Companies began to market touch screens with an increasingly thin design, while including a series of visual features to highlight and harmonize colors. But now they want to go further and a new screen technology could come to the fore sooner rather than later.

What is PHOLED?

But before we get to work, we must know what this technology called PHOLED consists of. According to the official OLED website, this new display protocol, also called blue phosphorescentcan improve the performance and lighting of the panels, providing a much longer life and great energy savings, in order to promote at the same time the extending battery life on electronic devices. In this way, red and green OLED devices use phosphorescent materials with an internal luminous efficiency of 100%, but blue still uses fluorescent materials with an internal luminous efficiency of 25%.

This is where PHOLED technology comes into play, a design aimed at improving the environment and more robust energy efficiency, as well as including more vibrant colors and greater manufacturing versatility. Thus, through the use of phosphorescent materials, it was deduced that OLED screens could be up to four times more efficient than was thought, even more than LCDs, so that progress has been made in the project to apply high-performance resources.

PHOLED screen manufacturers

Samsung, the first to incorporate this technology

Based on the latest rumors from Korean media, Samsung could become the first to incorporate PHOLED technology into its screens in the second half of 2025. At first it seemed that this technology would arrive on the market much later, but manufacturers are fighting to update their screens as soon as possible.

In this case, Samsung Display, the department in charge of manufacturing the brand’s screens, had in mind applying this technology in a folding phone whose launch is scheduled for mid-2024, but the manufacturing time is being delayed and will surely reach be implemented with greater security the following year.

The person in charge of announcing this new project has been, Daejeong Yoon, deputy director of UBI Research, during the last conference held in Seoul on November 14: “The name of the material configured for the blue phosphorescence of the Samsung screen is B1.” Among other topics to be discussed, the duration of this type of materials was debated. Although some experts report that its lifespan could be 55% compared to OLED, Samsung’s goal is to improve it to more than 65%.

However, it is expected that this PHOLED technology will also reach screens from other mobile brands and televisions, since Samsung Display manufactures panels for a large number of technologies, such as Manzana. Very soon we will see if the PHOLED has enough quality to continue surprising us.

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