World of Goo: remastered version is released by Netflix for Android and iOS

World of Goo: remastered version is released by Netflix for Android and iOS
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Winner of several Game of the Year awards upon its launch (2011), World of Goo has just won a remastered version for Android and iOS. Success was revamped by Netflix Games and promises many hours of fun.

The new version features the same visual language, but with better graphics and higher resolution – which should please fans of the title. There is also the possibility of saving your progress between devices, migrating between cell phones and tablets of the same operating system without losing your game.

Check out the trailer for “World of Goo: Remastered”:

For those who have never played, World of Goo is a curious puzzle where the player has to drop the Goo Balls to build structures, from bridges to towers, to solve the presented puzzles. All gameplay is based on the physics of the game itself and the behavior of the Goo; requiring you to think outside the box!

Although free in the app stores, the title is only available to Netflix subscribersbeing necessary to include your account data on the streaming platform to enjoy the gameplay.


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