Wordle becomes a multiplayer board game

After becoming a runaway global hit in a short time, even leading to The New York Times buying the game in February of this year, Wordle is making the move from mobile to tabletop.

Several players will be able to play Wordle, now also converted into a board game where they must guess the word proposed by another player

The New York Times has reached an agreement with Hasbroone of the best-known houses in the world of board games and toys, to breathe new life into the digital video game in which the player competes against himself to find out in the least number of attempts possible (and committing the least number of errors) the proposed word each day.

The new board Wordle will be “analog” and multiplayer, becoming at the end of this year 2022 in “Wordle: The Party Game«. It will thus go from being a solitary video game to becoming a group game and also designed so that the competition takes place in the real world.

The mechanics of this new Wordle is as follows: a player chooses a five-letter word and the rest of the players must guess it, whoever guesses it first wins. When each participant proclaims the word that they think is the one who has thought of it, they will slide transparent yellow or green pieces over the correct letters, just as it happens with the well-known digital version of the game.

The proposed words are written on boards with easy erase surface with appropriate markers for that use, so that at the end of the game the boards where the words have been marked can be erased and used again in the next round.

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Hasbro itself has shown how it works through a video made public from its Twitter account

Beginning in October, “Wordle: The Party Game” will be available in North America and can be pre-ordered now. priced at $19.99without knowing at the moment if it will be distributed in other countries of the world.