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Woman will cut her hair after 11 years to donate it to the foundation that helped her with her baby

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Jessica Herbert, 46, gave birth to Oaken, who only lived for two days and died of a genetic disease. “I am very happy to have moved on,” said the woman.

The loss of a child is an event that is difficult to overcome and is a life-long trauma. This can be even tougher for a seriously ill newborn baby. 

Doctors told Jessica Herbert that her son, Oaken, who was 12 weeks pregnant, would come into the world with a genetic disease that would not allow him to survive, called Edwards Syndrome. Despite everything, she decided to give birth.

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According to information from Metro UK, two days after Jessica had Oaken, the baby passed away. “ We had Oaken for two precious days (…) He was a brave little man who had a lot of character, but his medical difficulties were too serious, ” said his mother.

“ I felt like a tsunami when they opened me up to give birth. I didn’t even know if he was alive, but they told me he was “, the woman explained about the fleeting passage through this world of Oaken.

Jessica Herbert

After that difficult time, the 46-year-old woman and her husband Simon, 48, decided it was time to seek help at Martin House Children’s Hospice, an institution dedicated to supporting children and families whose lives are affected by terminal illnesses. .

So it was that, after receiving great help from the state, Jessica felt ” Enia really wanted to do something for them .” And he went to something he had on hand: the long dreadlocks that he had not cut for 11 years.

Jessica Herbert

Jessica will donate her hair at an event to be held in late July called Deer Shed Festival Base Camp Plus, which will raise funds for the institution that helped her and her husband cope with Oaken’s disease.

Despite how short she met her baby, she feels that the little time she spent with him will last a lifetime, according to the BBC. “ This gave me the hope and confidence to give him the opportunity to be born. I am very happy to have moved on. At least we had Oaken and it was a positive experience “, closed the woman.

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