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Wizards of the Coast Announces One D&D

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Yesterday the wizards Presents took place, a digital event in which the publisher Wizards of the coast announced the next news for both Magic: The Gathering as for Dungeons & Dragons. Plus new collections and adventures for both of them, including a crossover of The Lord of the Rings with the card game, what stands out the most is the announcement of One D&D.

One D&D is Wizards’ new step for its role-playing game that will update rules but will be compatible with the last published edition, the fifth. The most interesting thing about the matter and why we are echoing here is because Wizards is strongly committed to digital and online, since with One D&D We will be able to represent our adventures under the Unreal Engine thanks to D&D Beyond that will provide us with different tools for it.

If you are interested, you can already try some of these tools, under One D&D, if we register in D&D Beyond and we will be able to give our feedback from September 1. We leave you with the video of the presentation:

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There is still time to set it up, it will arrive in 2024, but there is a great desire to see the possibilities it offers, both at the level of rules and at the level of immersion. In the meantime, we can hit hard Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen a new adventure set in the world of Krynn or to the board game Dragonlance: Warriors of Krynn. Both are compatible and will make our adventures through Krynn much more complete.

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