With Tivify I have given a second life to my old tablet: now it is a pocket television for the kitchen

I change my phone every two years and I take advantage of it for practically everything possible (I’m not much of a gamer), but with tablets it’s a different story: we have it at home and we use it basically to browse the internet, watch something and answer emails in a screen larger than that of the phone. It could be said that The use of the tablet is rather basic and residual.

In fact, the tablets in my house do not die because they are dropped or because they no longer have a battery, but rather they end up obsolete and retired collecting dust in a drawer. But just because they are old does not mean that they are no longer useful and in fact with our old Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2016) We have fulfilled an aspiration: use it as a mini television for the kitchen.

The golden retirement of a tablet: using it as a television

Using an old tablet to view content is something that I already knew would work wonders and in fact, that was the fate of my mother-in-law’s tablet with ATV Launcher, but the reality is that we normally watch series and movies on our Smart TV. In the kitchen, in reality, what I have always liked has been having the TV in the background, keeping me company, as happened in my family home. Well now What keeps us company in the background is our old tablet acting as a TV..

There are a few applications and services to watch DTT channels, TDT Channels is an example, but personally I like the experience and interface of Tivify better, which in its free version has an application with more than 200 free-to-air channels and the possibility of watching them from the beginning if you catch them started. Me the free Tivify plan It works for me because I basically use it to watch ETB and practice Basque while I cook, but you have to keep in mind that it has advertising, it lacks control functions, watching content from the last seven days or the recording… but the TV of all life didn’t have it either.

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We have the tablet with a stand case and its natural place is on the shelf, next to the toaster, but if for whatever reason I am interested in seeing something, I lower it to the counter. We thought about placing it on the wall, but since we simply wanted to take advantage of it without spending a single euro, we ruled out the option of buying a frame or something similar for this purpose.

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Using Tivify doesn’t have much history: I downloaded the application from Google Play Store and I installed it. Although in theory registration is not necessary, since the login screen appears from time to time, I created an account and I am always logged in.

From here, you just have to enter the Tivify application and for the sake of agility, I go from the main screen (in my taste, too full of options) and tap on the three lines in the upper left corner to go to the channels. Now I just have to scroll to what interests me, touch it and that’s it: I can now watch DTT on my old tablet while I cook. In fact, I have not been able to get the interface to adapt to the horizontal layout when I browse the platform, but surprisingly it does when I view content.

Although the tablet is already eight years old and has a very old and simple Exynos 7870 accompanied by 2 GB of RAM, experience is delivered where it matters: In general, it takes a few seconds to open the apps and load them, but once you start playing a channel, it runs very smoothly, offering audio and video through its 10.1-inch LCD screen with 1,920 x 1,200 resolution. It is not a resolution or a diagonal to write home about, but as before: the small television that my parents have in their kitchen neither.


Tivify brings together more than 200 channels, dozens of video-on-demand catalogs and the most popular apps in one place so you have access to the most complete entertainment offering.

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