With this trick you can search and find files in Google Drive, even if it is not yours. This is how I discovered a lot of books

with this trick you can search and find files in.webp.webp.webp
with this trick you can search and find files in.webp.webp.webp

It is clear that Google Drive It’s one of the most popular cloud storage services, whether you have an Android phone or not. And it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t have some google email. Hand in hand with email there is a whole suite of applications among which are those 15GB of free storage.

This kind of virtual USB memory that we can access wherever we are simply with our credentials, through a device and the Internet, is ideal for saving important documents that we want to always have on hand but, due to a lax configuration, we can take a unpleasant surprise: that Anyone can view them, even if they are in your cloud and do not have the link direct (come on, you didn’t make it easy for them) thanks to this trick.

How to search for files across all Google Drive

To discover those foreign Google Drive files, you don’t need special programs or advanced technical knowledge, we just need to enter the Google app and the command ‘if you:‘. The idea is to write that command followed by the website where you want to search for the specific word and finally, that word. Applied to this case, once inside the browser, we write something like ‘site:drive.google.com’ in the box [lo que sea que nos interese]’, serve as an example ‘site:drive.google.com books’.


What is that search going to give you? A long list of Drive files, yours or not, that are public and contain that word. With this example search In Genbeta they have found many tests from educational centers of all levels and yours truly has done the same with books of all kinds. By tapping on the three dots you can access additional information such as the creation date, its owner and their email. Of course, you can also read its content.


How to prevent your Google Drive files from being available

This “trick” is not a Google vulnerability but rather an oversight by those of us who use its cloud storage suite without correct configuration in our files. The key is whether it is public or not.

To check it, we go to our Google Drive application (or from the web) and we can either do it from the list where all our files are seen or inside. In any case, we will go to ‘Manage access’, an option available both within the three-dot menu and in ‘Share’. In ‘General access’ we must choose ‘Restricted’, since the option that opens the doors for anyone to read it is ‘Anyone with the link‘.


Is good practice to set all your files by default like thiseven if you are going to work in a group (you will have to add people with individual access with their email) and only in case you want to leave the document visible to everyone, for example if you are going to upload it to your blog, leave ‘Anyone with the link’.

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