With this new Netflix feature you will save time thinking about what to watch

Netflix has added new features over time. The platform has been testing new improvements and finally decided to release a feature that it started testing a few weeks ago: a random content button which chooses content for us, so that we can reduce time wasted searching on the streaming platform.

This new button, called in English “Shuffle Play ”, Has started showing up on multiple user home screens in the last few hours after testing began in July last year. Also, this is not the only version of the button they are testing, and some users claim to have received a call from “Play something“inside Netflix.

“Shuffle Play” button, you will stop spending time looking for what content to play

Is function is only available in TV app, because the TV usually sometimes plays content in the background, or you just want to watch something quickly without wasting time searching.

Netflix recently tested a feature that allows you play random chapters of a specific series, which is very useful for comedy series or “The Simpsons”, Friends or The Office. This new button is even more useful because it is not limited to a specific series.

Interesting new feature @Netflix … but what kind of insane person just says, “yolo, let’s spin the Netflix wheel of fortune” pic.twitter.com/6WDJrmd7pG

This new button too consider the preferences of each profile. Therefore, Netflix recommendations will be based on user preferences, so the probability of hitting what the user finally sees is higher. For example, if he has seen “Narcos”, he may suggest that you watch a documentary by Pablo Escobar. The problem with this feature is that they might show you a mid-season episode of a series that you haven’t seen, and you don’t really understand the story. The system has yet to be optimized and Netflix will surely achieve it very soon.

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It has not yet been released to all users

This function only available to a limited number of users during the trial period, and the company expects to be conducting a limited number of trials in different countries / regions at the moment.

In Spain, the company also performed some exclusive tests, such as the test they did between late July and early August, where they tried to display a message on the Netflix front page stating that the account can be canceled within 7 days after registration, and if you are not satisfied, they will refund you the money.