With this new AI you can create high-quality images much faster than you imagine

with this new ai you can create high quality images much.jpg
with this new ai you can create high quality images much.jpg

Stable Diffusion XL Turbo AI Graphic Creations

The artificial intelligence sector continues to advance and what we have tested on this occasion has been a new tool that allows create images in real time. The result, as we are going to show you, is much more efficient than we could expect. This AI is so fast that you won’t have to wait at all.

It is beginning to be difficult to surprise us in terms of the AI ​​market. There are so many options available that our wow factor has been significantly reduced. However, it is fair to recognize that the AI ​​Stable Diffusion XL Turbo from the company Stability AI has pleasantly surprised us. With it, the type of artificial intelligence used is given a twist to create images.

Immediate use

The creators of this AI themselves talk about how they are aware that it is not the one that provides images of the highest resolution or maximum technical quality. That has not been its objective. As we indicated, what they have sought has been to ensure that you can start writing the request, the prompt, and that while you are typing AI has already started drawing what you think is appropriate based on your lyrics. By doing the test, we can assure you that it is completely fast, since even with a few letters the AI ​​had already begun to draw.

Once you have finished entering your request, if you make a change to it, the AI ​​will also act without you even having to press the Enter key. The system will take care of adjust the image to your requestwhich means that you can have images designed in a matter of seconds until you touch the key that makes you get exactly what you were looking for.

So you can try it

Stable Diffusion XL Turbo is the little brother of the tool of the same name without the adjective Turbo. Both are compatible, since this new version focuses on being fast, while with the classic version you continue to obtain higher quality images. But the creators of the AI ​​mention that there are many moments when we are looking for quick use, so the turbo version can be very useful. Another of its advantages is that the steps that the AI ​​has to take to carry out its work are very fewer. It goes from between 20 and 50 steps of the classic version to a single step, which materializes in that time advantage that we have already mentioned. Even so, you have to be careful with the prompts and be patient to avoid images with errors like some of the ones we have seen.

SDXL Turbo AI Graphics Glitches

The speed you get when trying this AI, however, It will also depend on your team., although you don’t need a supercomputer. In any case, we have tested it on a fairly modest computer and the results have been perfect, generating the image so quickly that we could not even finish writing when there was already a drawing on the screen. To give you an idea of ​​its performance, its creators say that with an Nvidia A100 GPU you can get a 512 x 512 image in 207 ms.

Now, you are probably wondering where to try Stable Diffusion XL Turbo. If you are like us, the first thing you will have done is try to enter their website, but you will have seen that there is no button to use it. For now, its use is limited in beta format and access through its website is limited and on request. However, don’t worry, since there are several online services that they have already implemented it among his tools. In this way, Stability AI has an easier time bringing the tool closer to users without putting the stability of its servers at risk.

AI image created by Stable Diffusion XL Turbo

Therefore, we will tell you that you can find it in the Clipdrop tool, which from here will only require an email address for you to use it. Once inside, click on the “Tools” button in the top navigation bar and scroll down to where it says “SDXL Turbo” (Beta). When you click you will switch to using AI and you can start enter your first requests. Keep in mind that there is a usage limit, so after a few prompts you will find a message indicating that you have already used all the requests that you could make in the free use.

Also, we had not mentioned it, but this AI also works entering the webcam image, allowing you to make adjustments to your own image. The results, in this sense, may be mixed, but we must also remember that this tool is still in beta version. As usual, if you want to continue using the AI ​​when you use up all your free time, you’ll just need to sign up with a different email.

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