With more than 30 million units sold, Samsung is the largest manufacturer of sound bars

With more than 30 million units sold, Samsung is the largest manufacturer of sound bars
with more than 30 million units sold, samsung is the

Samsung has been leading smart TV sales for 16 years in a row. The manufacturer has positioned itself as the best option to consider when buying a Smart TV. And now, they just announced that, With more than 30 million sound bars since 2008, Samsung is again the first manufacturer of this type of product.

The company has a great presence in the audio and video sector thanks to a very differentiated family of products. In recent years, its most premium televisions (Neo QLED) have opted for QLED and MiniLED panels to guarantee the best image quality.

This year they intend to revolutionize the market with their impressive smart tv samsung s95bthe first television with QD-OLED technology and that manages to surpass current OLED technology by achieving higher brightness levels and a more natural image quality.

Samsung is the manufacturer that sells the most sound bars

And in the sound bar market, the company has been dominating the market for years thanks to an offer that covers all ranges to offer a wide variety to its customers. And now, it has just announced that for the ninth year in a row (since 2014) Samsung is the manufacturer that sells the most sound bars worldwide.

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The company knows that these sound systems have become the best companion for any smart TV. Current Smart TVs have a very limited soundscape due to their minimalist look. The problem with offering such slim products is that there is literally no room to house proper speakers. So the only option is to bet on an external sound system. Y A sound bar has many advantages over other solutions.

Although the most remarkable element is the simplicity. You just have to connect the soundbar to your TV and start enjoying it. In contrast, a system with an AV receiver and speakers requires complex installation and calibration.

Regarding the reasons why Samsung has been dominating the sound bar market for years, it should be noted that the firm is an example of innovation. For example, the new Samsung HW-Q990B is the most complete model on the market. A sound bar with 11.1.4 channels and that is capable of offering a wireless connection so you don’t have to worry about annoying cables.

Il-kyung Seong, Vice President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics, said: “As more and more consumers value the sound experience for perfect picture enjoyment, interest in Samsung soundbars is increasing. We will continue to introduce new products that suit our needs.”

The truth is that the manufacturer’s work is impeccable. In addition, many Samsung sound bars feature Q-Symphony, the company’s system that uses the speakers of any compatible TV to further enhance the sound. Without a doubt, a family of products that will not disappoint you. The more than 30 million units sold make it clear.


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