With iOS 17 the App Store will tell us how long it takes to download a content


With the arrival of iOS 17, Apple made a small but significant change to the App Store, which made it easier to understand the amount of time it takes to complete an app download.

When the “Get” button in an app’s tab is pressed and the classic circular download symbol appears, now next to it the time remaining to complete the operation is displayed, expressed in minutes and seconds. If the installation is for a small file and takes only a few seconds, the remaining time will not be shown.

It is obvious that the time required to download a specific application will depend on the user’s Internet connection speed and the file size itself, which is why users may only see the expected time once the download has started and the connection has been established with the App Store server.

This new feature gives users a better idea of ​​how long the download is likely to take than the simple circular download symbol. Additionally, users always have the option to stop the download by pressing the cancel button within the circle icon, for example if the remaining time increases too much.

Other new features in iOS 17 include improvements to AirPlay, new accessibility features, and more.

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