WingetUI, a graphical help for software maintenance in Windows

WingetUI is a small, free, open source application that makes it easy to install, update, or uninstall software on Windows. If the name of WingetUI sounds familiar to you, it is because it works on top of the Windows package manager or Winget. The novelty is that it does so through a Graphic interface more comfortable than the command line of the official Microsoft tool.

It must be remembered that this Windows Package Manager It was one of the great novelties of BUID 2020 and like other advanced Windows tools it is clearly “inspired” by Linux. A free and open source tool that is developed independently of Windows and is used to automate the installation, update and removal of applications from the command line.

WingetUI, the same, but simpler

This small application of only 60 Mbytes replicates Winget functionsbut through a graphical user interface that facilitates the task for the general public who do not know or do not handle (big mistake) Windows consoles.

WingetUI pulls data from official repositories to populate the list of programs, each listed with its name, ID, and version. You can also browse the repository manually, there is a search function to find a certain application more quickly, and it also allows you to install multiple packages at the same time.

WingetUI, a graphical help for software maintenance in Windows 30

Its use is simple because in the main interface you have everything. You install the tool from its GitHub page, run it and you will see three sections, general software to discover, software updates and installed applications. A simple double click on one of them starts the installation, uninstallation or version update.

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WingetUI, a graphical help for software maintenance in Windows 32

WingetUI can be a good helper to manage Windows software. Its graphical interface is not perfect, but it makes it easy to use a powerful tool like the official package manager and a command line that not all users handle.