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    Windows + X, the keyboard shortcut with the Windows options that you couldn’t find

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    2021 11 26 12 16 49.jpg

    Keyboard shortcuts are one of those quick actions that make life easier for us within operating systems. For example, copy and paste is something that we can reduce to a simple Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V. We also have Ctrl + Alt + Del that takes us to the menu where we can activate the task manager. But today we want to talk about one very little mentioned, but quite useful, it is the Windows + X keyboard shortcut.

    When pressing this combination of keys, the menu that we have when right clicking on the start menu will be displayed. The interesting thing is the tools that we find here and that perhaps you got tired of looking in the control panel.

    What can we find in the keyboard shortcut Windows + X?

    With the arrival of Windows 10, Microsoft began to make changes that sought to refresh the system, breaking with what they had previously brought. However, it has been somewhat progressive to move many options to the Settings section. In that sense, the classic Control Panel was losing prominence and it is no longer so accessible to find certain options. The good news is that many of them can be found by using the Windows + X keyboard shortcut.

    When we press this combination or right-click on the start menu we will have access to options such as Network Connections, Disk and Device Manager and also System. The energy options are also available in this menu and also the event viewer.

    These are options that Microsoft has been changing places and that we could spend several minutes searching without success in the Settings section. It should also be noted that this shortcut works in Windows 11, with the only difference that it does not have access to PowerShell.

    If you were looking and could not find the device or disk manager, just by pressing the Windows + X combination you will be able to find it and use it.