Windows: Third-Party File Explorer “Files” Gets New Features

Windows 11: Microsoft wants to implement widgets on the system desktop
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the popular third-party file explorer for Windows 10 It is 11 received a new update. It’s about the Fileswhich arrives at your version 2.5which brings a number of new implementations, such as changes to the interface, new features and, of course, bug fixes.

Among the novelties, the one that stands out the most is the visual part of the application, which is the background, called Mica Alt. This way, the program uses the system’s wallpaper to generate its own background and it doesn’t change regardless of what is positioned behind the window.

Files now features the acrylic, which has a slightly more dynamic operation compared to the previous mechanism, in addition to reacting with other objects positioned on the screen. Not only that, but the application now supports gestures in its latest version.

With this, the user can swipe left or right to go back or forward on screens that are touch sensitive, something that curiously is not available in the standard Windows file explorer. In addition, the application brings integration with the SeerProanother third-party tool.

This other app allows the user to view a preview of the file by pressing the space bar. In addition, several bugs were fixed, such as the application closing when showing very large html files. Also, problems with pasting folders from Remote Desktop and crashing with Properties window have been fixed in this release.

  • The rest of the news you can check on the download page of the app in the Microsoft Store.

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