Windows Notepad receives a new function that is essential

windows notepad receives a new function that is essential.jpg
windows notepad receives a new function that is essential.jpg

An open Notepad document in Windows 11

Microsoft continues to demonstrate that Notepad, instead of being a tool doomed to disappear, has more and more presence in the Windows operating system. If you are one of those who still use it and enjoy its speed on a daily basis, you will like to know that it has already released a new, totally essential function.

In the past, users who worked or studied with Windows and were looking for maximum speed without having to resort to Office, combined the use of WordPad with Notepad. The combination was magical. Each tool gave you something and, combined, they were ideal. But in 2023 the tables have turned and while WordPad disappears leaving only a trace of history, Notepad is more alive than ever. This latest update confirms it.

How much have I written?

That’s what the new Notepad feature now available in the Windows 11 trial does: count characters. For now it is not yet accessible to all users, but to benefit from its usefulness you must have the Canary edition of the operating system. But unless there is some surprise, it is most likely that all users will receive access to this function at the beginning of next year 2024.

New Notepad character counter feature

As you can see in the image that Microsoft has distributed, the character counter is located at the bottom of the program window. It appears in the second data block and, consistently, tells us the total number of characters that includes the document. Additionally, if we make a selection from a certain part of the document, what the system will do is tell us how many characters you have chosen, but it will also continue to show us the total. You can see the way it is indicated in the screenshot, using the “x of 445 characters” format (changing the value of X for the number of characters you have selected).

Notepad is very much alive

In addition to the character counter, this update also provides a system with which it is possible to access the editing of Notepad files from File Explorer. To do this, you just have to right-click on the file and select the option as you can see in the image a little further down.

If you are a user of this tool you will already know that, as we mentioned, in recent months very well received changes and new features have been introduced. One of them has been the incorporation of a system with which we can accumulate tabbed text documents. This could be said to have been the most significant change that the program has experienced in recent years.

Thus, now every time you load a document it remains open within Notepad as a tab and does not disappear from the navigation bar until you have closed it manually. It’s very useful, but it’s also a little confusing. For example, if you have the habit of opening the same document on a regular basis and never closing it, you will end up finding that you have it repeated over and over again in different tabs. This could lead to confusion and the occasional error, although the incorporation of an automatic save system avoids most problems that could occur.

Edit feature in Notepad in Windows 11

This change was also widely applauded, since, over the years, Notepad had always been famous for causing data loss in cases where the computer suddenly shut down without us having had a chance to save the data. archive. Now that saving is automatic, we don’t have to worry you are welcome. Other recent developments have been introduced along these lines, such as the dark mode that you can activate from the “Application Theme” menu if you are interested in using it.

In addition, Microsoft is giving a lot of room for customization and that is worth thanking. With the tab system, for example, if you are not convinced you can disconnect it and continue opening documents in new windows just as you did before. To make all these changes you just have to enter the gear button in the upper right corner.