Windows loses this classic program Microsoft eliminates a very useful app for some users

Microsoft has confirmed that it continues to remove unnecessary parts of Windows 11, or at least, that are not used as much.

Microsoft has put Windows 11 on a ‘diet’ to lose weight and eliminate unnecessary components, even if that means losing functions that have been available to users for many years. Recently, we said goodbye to two classic Windows programs , and now it’s the turn of another one; Although to be honest, it is unlikely that many people will notice.

On this occasion, the program that has been removed from the Windows 11 installation is “Recording user actions” , an application that was implemented for the first time in Windows 7 and that until now was part of the system’s default installation.

Windows includes many pre-installed programs by default, which fulfill the basic functions that the average user needs; for example, a media player or a text editor. Although Microsoft has gotten into trouble in the past for cramming too many programs and preventing the user from installing competing ones (such as the famous case of Internet Explorer), most programs are very basic and perform only one function.

Goodbye to this Windows program

That is the case of “User Action Recording”, also known by its English name, “Steps Recorder”; The name may seem a bit strange, but it actually indicates exactly what it does, nothing more and nothing less. And this program, once activated, records the steps we perform on our computer , one after another, so that they can be repeated later.

At first glance, this app seems to only record the screen, but in reality, it also records the clicks we make and the actions we perform on the Windows desktop. It works in a simple way: when we open it, we just have to click on start recording, and the program will automatically work in the background recording everything we do on the desktop, whether opening a file or running a program. The interesting thing comes when we finish the recording; Then, the program will show the actions it has recorded, and we can create a report of the steps we have taken.

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This program was initially born as a help tool to solve problems with the computer ; The idea is that, if we have a problem with Windows or a program, we can record the steps and share them with the technical service or with an expert user who can help us.

Unfortunately, although this can be a very useful tool, it is clear that most Windows users do not know about it or use it. For this reason, Microsoft has announced that it will no longer receive updates and that it will be removed from future versions of Windows. To replace it, Microsoft recommends using the Snipping Tool, the Xbox Game Bar, or Microsoft ClipChamp; but those are apps that record video, so they are not exactly the same as Steps Recorder.