Windows Ink will allow you to write whatever you want on your computer screen

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There is no doubt that Windows is the operating system par excellence thanks to a highly intuitive interface, as well as all kinds of functions with which to make a difference. And if you have a computer with a touch screen, soon you will be able to enjoy a new tool called Windows Ink that will allow you to write by hand anywhere you could write. In this way, as they have announced from The Verge, Microsoft is launching a new Windows 11 preview build for Insiders on the Dev Channel and that includes this feature. Keep in mind that at the moment it is only for users of the beta version, and in a limited way, so it will take time to reach everyone, but the truth is that Windows Ink looks really good. Windows Ink will allow you to write on your computer screen This new function not only allows you to complete fields by writing directly on the screen, but you can also cross out to correct an error among other functions. It seems that at the moment it is in English, but it will soon land in other languages, and Spanish will be one of the first. As we have told you, Microsoft is rolling out the updated Windows Ink feature to users in Preview Build 23481, but it is also not available to all Windows 11 Beta users. So if you update this function and it is not available, it is because at the moment they have not enabled it for all users. You can check if it’s available by going to Settings > Bluetooth & devices > Windows Pen & Ink, which is under “Shell Handwriting.” As you can imagine, it is a Windows Ink test function, so there may be errors, but if you are a beta user of Windows 11, we invite you to try this tool because it looks really good. Once they polish the errors they find, we will be able to fill in any field in a more comfortable way. Imagine that you have to enter all your personal data. Well, those sections in which you have to select the sex through an options tab, can be done more quickly and easily. Regarding the launch of Windows Ink for Windows 11, at the moment we do not have an approximate date, but surely in October Microsoft will launch a massive update with all kinds of improvements that they are announcing, so surely in a few months we will be able to enjoy this Windows improvement Ink for us to get the most out of our touch screen. >

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