Windows inherits this historic command from Linux

windows inherits this historic command from linux.png
windows inherits this historic command from linux.png

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The Linux sudo command, which allows users of the operating system to temporarily increase privileges, would be close to reaching Windows, as indicated by the latest known Windows Server leak.

Linux has different commands that, when well executed, allow you to adapt the user experience to the requirements of the files and programs they work with. One of them is the sudo command, which gives the profiles temporary access to elevated privileges when they have to perform certain tasks that are not a regular part of their daily lives. With it, we avoid having to grant certain permissions to users who do not require them to carry out their daily task flow, but who may need them at very specific times.

Now, it has been known that Microsoft is incorporating this function to Windows Server 2025. In this way, users will be able to increase their privileges for console applications in a very simple way, with the aim of being able to interact with a greater number of functions when necessary.

Windows inherits this historic Linux command on a keyboard

A leak

Compatibility has been identified by the Windows Latest media on February 1, after a accidental leak that occurred around the preview version of Windows Server that was visible for a few moments in Windows Update. And, as indicated, the function will only be available if we previously enable developer mode.

In fact, it has been detected that currently we cannot invoke it from the command line, showing that it is still in the very early stages of its implementation. However, we can already find interesting signs that indicate that it will not take too long to arrive.

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For example, in the configuration menu we will be able to select if, when invoking the command, we want applications run in a new window, online or with a disabled entry. Therefore, and although we currently cannot find it in the version that is available, it seems that Microsoft is already taking all the necessary steps to establish the correct roadmap.

Greater user freedom

Although Windows currently already offers the possibility of configure UAC behavior and its values, There are still many situations in which we may need an administrator role to execute certain actions, such as uninstalling applications, changing system settings or modifying any system configuration parameter. In these cases, innovating the sudo command We will be able to temporarily meet the system requirements to execute all of them in just a few seconds.

As we have previously mentioned, at the time of writing these lines this information is due to a leak that has been carried out and that, as usual, would be in the testing phase in the preliminary versions of Windows Server 2025. We will still have to wait a while to find out how this function lands in the definitive version of it and if there is a possibility that we can also enjoy it directly in Windows 11, not only in the version of the Microsoft server operating system.