Windows 11 will let you stream audio from an Android device


If you use the “Mobile Link” app on your Windows 11 device to pair it with your Android mobile, you will be interested in knowing the new options that will be added to this dynamic.

Beyond seeing the photos that we have on Android from the screen of the Windows PC and checking the messages without looking at the mobile, Microsoft wants you to also be able to take your music from one device to another.

And for this, it will implement a new option that will allow you to stream audio from an Android device to Windows 11.

So you can bring music from Android to Windows 11

Thanks to the dynamics offered by «Mobile Link» we can have immediate access to our Android mobile from a Windows PC. We can see the photos and images that we have in the Gallery, text messages, make and make calls, among other options.

And soon, the possibility of transmitting audio from our Android mobile to the Windows 11 computer will be added. The idea is the same that we have seen in some services such as Spotify, which allow us to connect to a remote device to transmit music.

In this case, this dynamic will not be linked to any service, but will be part of the options of the “Mobile link” app. So it will help you to listen to the music that you have saved in the library of your Android mobile on your PC.

So far, the app only allows us to show the audio that is playing on Android. If we activate this option, we will see the audio player with the options to stop the music, go back or forward the songs. However, we continue to hear the audio on our Android device.

So the new dynamics will simplify the process much more, since we will not only be able to control the player but also listen to the music from the PC speakers. At the moment, this new option is only available to a few users, but it should be rolled out to everyone soon.

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