Windows 11 will improve your productivity thanks to this useful feature that limits notifications

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1686927847 242413 1686927925 noticia normal.jpg

Microsoft continues to improve its flagship operating system to make it more complete than ever. We recently told you about the new Windows 11 explorer and that it improves some elements to make them more accessible. And now new perfect features have just arrived to improve your productivity. One of the problems when working is the happy notifications. You are constantly receiving all kinds of messages, and many of them are not related to work, which distract you so that you reduce your productivity and finish later than expected. Now, as reported by XDA Developers, Microsoft has just released two builds for Windows Insiders that are part of the beta program. And the truth is that it looks pretty good if you want to improve your productivity and not waste time because of notifications that don’t even interest you. Windows 11 has a new notification manager perfect to improve your productivity As we have told you, there are two builds and if you are an Insider of the Windows beta program, you must take the 22631.1900 to enjoy this new feature that improves the notification manager in Windows 11 In this way, Windows can now detect if you are interacting with a notification from a particular app. If it detects that you don’t pay much attention to it, it will send you a notice telling you whether or not you want to disable the notification settings for this particular app. If you turn Off, the notifications that appear on the taskbar will be hidden, but you will still be able to see them in the notifications tab when you access it. This is a great advantage, since now it will be the operating system itself that will be able to detect if you are not interested in particular notifications in order to deactivate them so that you don’t have to worry about anything. As we have told you before, at the moment the only way to enjoy this artificial intelligence tool to know if you are interested in a notification or not, at the moment it only works on the aforementioned build of the Windows 11 insiders program. So, if you are not a member of this program, the only option to test this and future functions that will come to Windows will be to arm yourself with patience. Mainly because everything indicates that throughout the month of October Microsoft will make one of the most important updates to implement all the news that is coming to its operating system in the beta version: the new file explorer, the new notification management and other surprises. >

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