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Windows 11 will have an option for users to receive updates immediately

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Windows 11 should soon incorporate a tool so that users and enthusiasts in a hurry or impatient are considered a priority in the distribution of updates, to receive them immediately, as soon as they begin to be distributed. The new feature was found by users on Canary channel build 25314through a hidden ID that allows a new option to make your computer receive updates sooner.

The process would make the user come out ahead in relation to segmented and gradual updates from Microsoft, which distributes the packages over time to different users, including so that a possible new bug does not spread unstoppably at once. But it’s not always the most interesting agenda for enthusiasts or those who have identified a bug that could have already been fixed — even at the risk of finding new ones.

Enabling the ID brings up a new option in the Windows Update section, and enabling it will prioritize your PC to receive the latest updates as they are released, assuming there are no blocking bugs.

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In these cases, it is still always possible to resort to installing patches manually, for example by downloading them from the system updates catalogue, but this new option promises to make the process more automatic and faster.

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