Windows 11 update causes bug that prevents the use of Google Chrome; see how to solve

 Windows 11 update causes bug that prevents the use of Google Chrome;  see how to solve
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Windows 11 users seem to be experiencing difficulties using Google Chrome after installing the latest Patch Tuesday update. According to reports collected since last Wednesday (14), the new version of the operating system has a problem that makes antivirus programs prevent the browser from running.

After installing the Windows 11 update KB5027231, users noticed that the Google Chrome does not appear on the screen when trying to run it — even though it was listed among Task Manager tasks. This appears to be due to an antivirus protection error, but there are ways to fix the problem temporarily.

Update KB5027231 was released to everyone last Tuesday (13) (Image: Reproduction)

Malwarebytes officials said, on the company’s forum, that the root of the problem must be in the operating system itself after the update, and add that they are actively working on a definitive fix for the bug. Meanwhile, one user found it possible to get the browser working again by disabling the antivirus.

The antivirus developer’s employees have also provided some measures that can temporarily fix the problem so that users can open Chrome, and the safest of them is Try to set Google Chrome as Windows default browseras it does not require disabling any Malwarebytes protection.

To do this, follow the path:

  • Click Start and go to Settings;
  • Click on the “Applications” section, then “Default Applications”
  • Scroll down to find and click on “Google Chrome”;
  • Click “Set Default”.

While most complaints cite Malwarebytes, some users claim that other antiviruses are also causing these problems. One of those affected says that the flaw occurs when any browser based on Chromium – Microsoft Edge, Opera and Vivaldi, for example – is set as default, but this has not yet been confirmed.

(Image: Playback)

Malwarebytes, which has already presented a bug that prevented access to Google services, has released a correction in its new beta version, but for those who prefer to use the stable version with a greater guarantee of a problem-free experience, the recommendation is to follow one of the temporary measures inserted above.

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