Windows 11 is slow: how to improve performance and recover the power of the computer


Computers are always susceptible to becoming a bit slow and slowing down their performance, this many times even without an apparent motive or reason. Of course, if you have downloaded an extremely heavy program or game and spend long days using the device, it is normal for this to happen.

However, and if that is not your case, there are a few things you can do to recover the power of the computer and make its performance betterso pay attention to the following lines.

Update the system

System updates, whether for a computer, mobile phone, video game console or any other device, always turn out to be vital, since with these developers seek to fix errors, including anything that causes the computer to slow down.

To check if you have the latest system update, you just have to open the start menu and type Search for updates. Once inside this section, You will see if your computer is up to date or if you should download a new update.

Disables starting programs at boot

There are some programs that are configured to open once the computer is turned on, an action that undoubtedly causes the device to downshift and therefore, it slows down since these apps are working in the background.

Then, if you have these programs that start when the computer is turned onwhat you should do is open the start menu and type Task Manager. While inside, press up on the box Start and start disabling the apps and programs in question.

Free up computer space

Storage space is always a problem linked to the performance of a computer or mobile, for example, and to help you with this, Windows has a tool that is capable of freeing up space automatically so you don’t have to worry about doing it yourself.

To access this, open start menu and enter the app Setting. Then, in the tab Systementer the section of Storage and finally activate the function storage sensor.

Verify that your computer does not have viruses

An important mention must be made for this section, since today unfortunately it is very common that if a PC begins to behave strangely and has abnormal performance, it has been infected by some malicious program (malware), spyware (spyware), advertising software (adware) or any other type of computer virus.

However, before assuming the worst, you can run an antivirus scan to check if everything is ok or not. The vast majority of computers with Windows 11 have their respective Microsoft antivirus, so take advantage of it. Windows even has a program that cleans your computer of everything you don’t need.

Opt to go with a specialist

If none of the mentioned options gives you positive results, The best thing to do is to contact a specialist technician directly. that it can check your computer more thoroughly to find where the fault is.

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