Windows 11 introduces some of the most anticipated new features by users

windows 11 introduces some of the most anticipated new features.jpg
windows 11 introduces some of the most anticipated new features.jpg

A laptop with the Windows 11 logo on the screen

There is already a new version of Windows 11 corresponding to the Insider program in circulation and, from what we can tell you, it is loaded with interesting news. Microsoft shows that, once again, it is doing its homework and trying to make its current version of the operating system one of the best.



Users who are part of Windows 11 Insider and who are aware of the release of new versions of this edition, can now download Build number 23615. With it, Microsoft introduces three important new features that vary and improve the user experience. Furthermore, one of them was among the main requests that the community had made to Microsoft.

Windows Share

Now, if you are using a browser that incorporates the Share button, like Edge, you have much more versatility when it comes to share links. You just have to click on the Share icon, which is located at the top of the toolbar, and the menu that you can see in the screenshot below will open.

New window to share links with Windows Share



What this extended sharing menu allows you to do is send links conveniently and quickly to a large number of applications, including WhatsApp and X. The ease of sharing URLs in this way can help you increase the level of productivity, which never hurts.

Support for the new USB standard

But without a doubt, the most important novelty of this version is the Compatibility with the new USB standard, which will begin to be seen soon on certain devices. Microsoft wanted to keep its operating system updated to the latest so that those who get a computer equipped with the Intel Core 14th Gen HX processor can get the most out of the USB connection.

Laptop with the new USB standard

Over time, it will not only be these devices that will have it, so little by little it will become a new USB standard that guarantees superior performance. In terms of speed, for example, it goes beyond the 40 Gbps offered by the previous USB standard, USB4, up to a total of 80 Gbps. Best of all, this new standard not only improves performance and enables the connectivity that the most advanced devices need, but it is also backward compatible with previous versions. This also includes support for USB Type-C functions and the Thunderbolt system.

One of the first devices to be launched with the processor that enables the debut of the USB 80 connection is the Razer Blade 18, although, as we indicated, it is a matter of time before it becomes the norm in view of the current demands that screens have and other devices.

Copilot auto start

In our country we are still waiting for Copilot to be fully enabled as is the case in other places in the world, but this does not mean that Microsoft is going to stop introducing new features. Your AI assistant aims to be increasingly present on computers of users and the way to achieve this is by trying to make its use more intuitive.

Copilot Auto Start Settings

To do this, in this version of Windows 11 a system is enabled by which Copilot will start automatically when we load the computer on a wide screen. Microsoft says that this is a change that it is still testing on a limited basis and that, therefore, it has not been activated in the Insider versions of all users. But it is possible activate it easily. The concept is more similar to the idea of ​​having an AI in the computer that accompanies us from the moment we start the computer until the moment we turn it off. As a concept, it is quite likely that it will end up prevailing, but we will have to see what Microsoft’s impressions are with this test.

All these changes, as we indicated, are available in Insider version number 23615, which can be downloaded in ISO format from this section of the Microsoft website. Yes indeed, you need to be part of the program to be able to access it. Not all the additions that pass through Insider end up entering the final version of Windows, but these are very likely to do so, especially the logical support for the new USB standard.

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