Windows 11 has changed an element that it had not updated for more than 10 years

windows 11 has changed an element that it had not.jpg
windows 11 has changed an element that it had not.jpg

A girl types on her computer while installing Windows

It has cost Microsoft a horror to stop and invest effort in updating one of the elements of its Windows operating system that it had been longer without changing. It’s not that it was a problem that hadn’t been addressed in more than 10 years, but the truth is that the modification feels fantastic.

If it comes to priorities, it is normal that Microsoft tends to invest resources in solving Windows 11 problems instead of improving aspects that work, but that have become a bit obsolete. Anyway, once in a while it’s nice to see that They also remember it. This is what has happened, for example, in version 26040 of Windows 11 in the Insider program.

A new Windows installer

The Windows installer is not something that is used often, hence Microsoft had not given it as much attention as it might deserve. Years have passed and its design has remained classic, jumping from version to version of the operating system without undergoing modifications. In the end, the company has done design update that current times were demanding.

Difference between classic and current Windows Installer

They define it as a more modern and cleaner design. It has been given an appearance more similar to what users who already have Windows installed on their computers find when they go to update the system. The difference between previous version and current version You can see it in the image above this same paragraph. As you can see, the change is notable.

Repairing my PC gains prominence

Basically, and as you have already seen in the comparison photo, everything that the installer had before is still present in the new version. But a significant change is that now the option “Repair my PC” has gained more presencegoing from being in the lower left corner to being included in the main area of ​​the screen just below “Install Windows 11”.

Also special emphasis is placed in that the files that were previously on the computer will be deleted when doing the clean installation of the latest version of the platform. This is something that Microsoft wants to insist on as can be deduced from it being mentioned twice on the same screen. Possibly, this will help some people who have lost files avoid the surprise and thus not lose any valuable documents that they do not have a backup copy of.

A girl is in front of the laptop updating it

Users who want to try this new installer only have to download version 26040 of Windows 11 and then choose two options. The first of them is do a clean install of Windows 11 on the computer, while the second consists of installing in a virtual machine.

In addition to this, Microsoft wants to know if this change that they have introduced after so long is to the liking of users or not. The way in which feedback can be given is simple. First, you have to Press the Windows + F key combination to open the Feedback Center. After that, choose the language in which you will make your comment, make a summary of it and add more text if you see fit. After that, click on “Next”.

Submitting feedback in the Microsoft Windows Feedback Center

Now you have to choose “Suggestion” and, in the drop-down that appears, look for the “Install and update” section. As a last option, select “Windows Installation”. Then they will give you other options, but the fundamentals will already be over. However, keep in mind that you will not be able to open the Feedback Center menu on the computer where you are trying to install Windows for the first time, since this is a system that requires you to be connected to the network. Therefore, you may have to wait or use another computer to submit your comment, although unless you have encountered an error, it is probably not a problem. Don’t forget to indicate the Windows version number you used, as it will be crucial for Microsoft technicians to understand your comment.

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