Windows 11 has a new widget for you to discover new games

windows 11 1.jpg
windows 11 1.jpg

If you have Windows 11, you will be interested in knowing the new dynamics that Microsoft offers you so that you find out about new titles or discover new games.

Based on your preferences, it will show you personalized Game Pass game recommendations and a shortcut to sign in to your Xbox account.

Windows will add a new Game Pass widget

One of the new things mentioned at Microsoft’s annual developer conference was the possibility that Windows 11 will start supporting third-party widgets.

In other words, beyond widgets about the weather, topics of interest and news fed by Microsoft services, Windows will allow other apps to also offer their widgets. Although Microsoft has no longer mentioned this topic, a new widget is added to Windows 11 that could shorten the wait and will be an extra for gamers.

As the Microsoft team mentions, they are testing a Game Pass widget on Windows 11:

This widget is a window into the extensive library of PC Game Pass: It will display the latest additions, soon-to-be-released games, and others from highlighted categories, then take you to the Xbox app where you can install them, view reviews, and participate.

While it may be a strategy to promote the Game Pass subscription, it will also make it easier for users to discover new games and related content, as well as be aware of new titles that will be released soon.

If you try the widget now you will only see game recommendations from different categories, but Microsoft plans to improve this dynamic. The idea is that the widget shows you personalized recommendations based on your preferences. And on the other hand, he wants to make it easy for users to log in to their Xbox account to continue playing their favorite games.

One detail to keep in mind is that this widget is not yet available to all Windows 11 users, as it is part of the experimental features included in the Insiders program.

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