Windows 11 gains function that monitors passwords and alerts users in case of danger

Windows 11 gains function that monitors passwords and alerts users in case of danger
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Microsoft has recently released a new update for Windows 11 implementing important improvements in the security of system users’ passwords. In a post made on its blog, the developer highlights the arrival of the “Improved Phishing Protection” feature that analyzes the security of passwords entered on websites and programs.

This feature is similar to what is available in the Edge browser by monitoring in real time and sending alerts if entered content has been typed into a potentially unsafe page. The novelty comes in the compilation 22H2 made available last Tuesday, 20th, focusing on corporate customers.

As the developer explains, Windows uses the SmartScreen tool in the background, analyzing signs that suggest security breaches on the website or application where the password was entered. Focusing on the users experience, a pop-up window is displayed allowing the PIN to be changed without difficulty.

Platforms such as Notepad, WordPad and NotePad are supported by the feature, that is, even those who usually save passwords in these programs — a practice contraindicated by cybersecurity experts — will be notified if any access credentials put their account at risk.

Password at risk alert

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You can customize which notifications appear to your end users through Intune policies. To access SmartScreen settings in the Settings Catalog, follow the steps below:

  1. In the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center, navigate to Devices.
  2. Under Policy, select Configuration Profiles.
  3. Select Create Profile and choose Windows 10 and later as the platform.
  4. Choose the Settings catalog as the Profile type.
  5. Fill in the details you would like in Basics. Under Settings, select + Add Settings.
  6. Find the 4 feature settings under Smart Screen, at home for enhanced phishing protection, and select all (Notify Malicious, Notify Password Reuse, Notify Insecure App, and Enable Service).
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