Windows 11 finally gets a feature that users were requesting

Happy for the news of Windows 11

The recently released version 25997 of Windows 11 has a new feature that, curiously, Microsoft has not mentioned in the list of changes. But it is a long-awaited feature by users and that solves a problem that has been going on for a long time. Why hasn’t it been announced publicly?

Typically, Microsoft reports all the changes it makes in the various updates it issues for its operating system. The list of changes is usually extensive and a type of information that is not easy to delve into, since it has too many data and technicalities. But on this occasion, they have “forgotten” to talk about a change they have made in the WiFi network management.

The refresh button

The change we are talking about seems simple, but it is much more relevant than you can imagine. For now it is only available in the Windows version for Insiders, but It shouldn’t take too long until it is available to all users. What it is about is the incorporation of a new button in the WiFi connections menu with which we can finally refresh the list of available networks.

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Build 25997 adds a Refresh network list button to the Wi-Fi list in quick settings. Not mentioned in the blog post

November 20, 2023 • 17:02



Until now, as you can see if you open the WiFi connections menu on your computer, the only thing we can do is see the list, connect and disconnect from the network what we want or activate and disconnect full connectivity by clicking the button above. There is also a button to enter an advanced options menu, but this does not include the refresh option either.

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A highly demanded change

The truth is that it is quite strange that, until now, Microsoft had not incorporated a feature as simple and functional as a button to update available networks. It is something that we are used to on mobile phones and other operating systems and that provides a great level of comfort. Because of this, what we had to do if we wanted to take a look at the list of networks again to see if there were any new ones, was to go back and enter again.

List of WiFi connections without refresh button

But this, as those who have suffered it frequently will know, was not exactly the most comfortable thing. Luckily, this Windows update incorporates the button and, as you may have seen in the image we have attached of X in the first paragraph of the news, it has a very simple design. It is simply a button where you can read “Refresh network list” with the circular arrow symbol. It seems that Microsoft, after so much time, could have put a slightly more visual designbut it is not a question of complaining at this point.

Regarding what we said before about how it seems somewhat strange that Microsoft has not included this novelty in its list of changes, one of those responsible for Microsoft has ended up responding in X about it. He says that they have preferred not to include mention of this button in the list of changes because it is not fully working yet, so they are waiting to delve into it. This means that perhaps there is some change involved and that they give the button a more presentable appearance. It could also be that it is not working properly for all users and they have yet to implement some changes.

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@PhantomOfEarth We didn’t document it yet as it’s not quite working with all the right pieces – stay tuned. We’ll talk about this more in a future flight.

November 20, 2023 • 17:02



But, luckily, it is a matter of time before the button is not only functionally available, but also reaches computers in all users that have Windows 11. Thus, little by little, Microsoft is complying with the requests that computer owners have with its operating system and that were not available in old versions. It’s good news!

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