Windows 11 Efficiency Mode: What it is and how to activate it

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modo de eficiencia de windows 11 que es y como activarlo.jpg

The version 22H2 for Windows 11 It should already be available to everyone by now, and the truth of the matter is that this update to Microsoft’s operating system brings with it a feature that was announced well in advance. We are talking about efficiency modealso known as performance mode within Windows itself.

This is a feature built into the task manager that basically serves to limit the resource consumption of programs, applications and certain services when they are in the background; In this way, the CPU, RAM, GPU and disk usage are allocated to the applications that we are currently using.

efficiency mode in Windows 11

Naturally, this should help improve system performanceas well as reduce battery consumption and temperature in case we are using a laptop; All this without having to resort to a third-party program or having to open the task manager to end processes one by one.

Unlike the last method, performance mode does not kill processes completely, something that could cause system instability. Instead, they are left in a state where they are given much lower priority and do not actively consume system resources. This also helps you get back to them quickly.

This is how efficiency mode is activated in Windows 11 22H2

Windows 11 efficiency mode requires activation for each application individually, although by default it is already active for certain native Windows apps, such as the Microsoft Edge browser.

Going into details, to activate it we have to do the following: open Task Manager > Processes > select the application or process in question > touch the button ‘Performance mode’ located at the top right, and confirm our decision if requested.

This is how efficiency mode is activated in Windows 11 22H2

We’ll know it’s working when a leaf icon appears in the status column for the app.

Again, We have to activate the mode individually for each app/service and there will be some cases where the option will not be available (such as vital processes for Windows 11). The process to deactivate efficiency mode is exactly the same, we will only have to locate the app where we had previously activated it.

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