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Windows 11 22H2: Microsoft releases update for the general public

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Initially, only particularly compatible computers were offered the 2022 update of Windows 11 when searching for updates. Now it’s generally available.


So far, Microsoft had only offered the Windows 11 22H2 release, which is also known as the 2022 update, to selected users when searching manually with Windows Update. Their hardware was classified as particularly compatible. Microsoft has now released the 2022 update for all supported Windows 11 systems.

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As the company writes in the Windows Release Health Notes, a new phase has now been entered. Microsoft expands the circle of those who received the offer to update if they initiate the search process in Windows Update.


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However, should Microsoft recognize that the device might have a problem, such as an application incompatibility, the manufacturer reserves the right to insert a backup. The update will then not be offered until the problem has been resolved.

Meanwhile, Ned Pyle, manager in Microsoft’s Windows Server development group, reports possible performance drops after installing the Windows 11 2022 Update. The speed drop can occur when copying larger files from a remote computer to a Windows 11 computer. Files of several GB in size could experience a throughput reduced by up to 40 percent via SMB. The same file does not show the problem on a non-22H2 machine.

As a workaround, Pyle suggests using robocopy or xcopy with the parameter /J that forces unbuffered input and output. This also means that the problem no longer occurs. The concrete syntax for a directory is

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robocopy \\someserver\someshare c:\somefolder somefile.ned /J

However, the problem is not in the SMB code, which is why Pyle cannot give a date for a fix. However, the problem mostly occurs with SMB, but can also occur with local copy operations. Together with another team within Microsoft, they are still analyzing the causes.

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