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Windows 10 removes Flash permanently and without going back

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The latest Windows 10 update automatically removes Flash, also preventing this operation from being undone.

Windows 10 removes Flash from all computers where the new operating system update is installed

This is the update identified as KB4577586, which is reaching Windows 10 users in its versions 20H2, 2004 and earlier. When installed on the computer, Adobe Flash Player is automatically removed and also without the possibility of undoing the effects of said update.

It has been known for years that Flash has its days numbered, and also since last December 31, Adobe stopped offering updates. The reason for this sharp removal by Windows 10 has to do with the fact that by stopping Adobe from offering updates for this application, Flash could pose a security problem that attackers could take advantage of to access the computer. Any vulnerability would be a possible access route for possible attackers and also without the possibility of the software developer offering a solution in the form of a patch.


Given the possible risks of this situation, Flash has been gradually disappearing from Chrome or Firefox, for example, and now it is time to say goodbye to Windows. In fact, it would be advisable to proceed to uninstall it manually from any computer where it is installed. Keep in mind that even Adobe itself advises uninstalling Flash.

Given this situation, Microsoft has decided to cut their losses getting rid of Flash for good, yes, provided that Flash had been installed by Windows itself. Although there are some Windows updates that allow you to restore to a previous version, this will not be the case. In your case Windows 10 could be reinstalled from startup but Flash would no longer appear.

However, there is a single exception to this disappearance of Flash promoted by Microsoft for computers with Windows 10: only if Flash had been installed by the user himself, the update will not delete it.


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