WinAmp returns as a renewed multimedia player

In the mid-90s WinAmp was an institution for music lovers with a Windows computer. With the revolution of the MP3 format, this tool became popular and, with its customizable covers, it allowed converting CDs into the iconic compressed format, generating playlists and managing the first portable music playback devices that allowed carrying hundreds of tracks in a minimum space .

WinAmp resurfaces to become a multimedia player capable of supporting various audio and video formats

Time passed and everything evolved to the point that many might believe that WinAmp had disappeared, and although in 2018 it was announced that it would appear in 2019, the deadline has been delayed but the work has just culminated with the publication of the Release Candidate version of this tool, now converted into a new media player.

This is the WinAmp 5.9 RC 1 version, a practically final version although it is not yet completely ready for mass distribution. We will have to wait for the version that is distributed so that it can also play formats such as H.265, HLS, ogv/ogm, opus, TS, and VP9.

The WinAmp media player moves the code base from Visual Studio 2008 to Visual Studio 2019, with changes that, among other things, mean that no longer compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista or earlier versions of the Microsoft operating system.

For it to work properly the new WinAmp requires Windows 7 SP 1 or later, and can be installed up to Windows 11as all those interested in installing it will be able to verify, that they can download it from the WinAmp website itself.

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A warning for those who decide to do it is that when it comes to an executable file of type .exe There may be browsers or antivirus that detect it as malware, but if the file is downloaded from the developer’s official website there will be no problem despite the warning.

Once installed, it can be used immediately, and the user can customize the original skin to his liking, just like in the old days.