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Winamp is back, but to become an alternative to Spotify. How will do?

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If you comb the occasional gray hair, you will surely remember winamp, the iconic music player that took the mp3 era by storm. A simple player to use and with all kinds of customization options to mark an entire generation. But times have changed and these types of programs are no longer so important. Winamp has known how to reinvent itself and, as you can see in the press release they have published, they are far from giving up. Mainly because the software owned by the Llama Group has just released a web player. And this is only the beginning. Winamp reinvents itself like never before and wants to compete with spotify Now, Winamp has announced an online player, which you can access from this link, and which will come to iOS and Android in the third quarter through the official Winamp app. This new Winamp player will be similar to Spotify and Amazon Music in that, in addition to being able to add your music, you will also be able to subscribe. Of course, you will subscribe to artists and groups individually. As they have indicated in the press release, this is a “new player that comes with a range of functionalities aimed at unlocking the relationship between artists and fans, while allowing creators to become their own merchants.” So, on the one hand, you will be able to enjoy all your music, as well as sponsor artists you like. To do this, it wants to bet on its 83 million users who continue to use Winamp to bet on this new business model. This new section, called Fanzone, will allow you to subscribe to the artists you like, in addition to receiving exclusive content, experiences and other benefits. At the moment there are few bands, and they have a price of 1 euro per subscription, but little by little they will expand their catalogue. Let’s remember that this Fanzone has been active for just over a month, so it is logical that it takes time to expand the contents. The goal of the new Winamp player is to grow to 250 million users and have 1 million artists in the Winamp Fanzone accessible through the new player, all generating revenue through the Fanzone. Alexandre Saboundjian, CEO of Llama Group, said: “Creators are finding it increasingly difficult to extract value from streaming services, making it difficult for them to maintain their art and grow their careers. With the new Winamp Player, our goal is to empower creators to earn more money, at a time when they really need it. Winamp’s mission is to change the mindset of artists from one of feeling victimized by the low income of DSPs, to one of empowerment about what they can achieve on their own. >

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