Wimbledon will be the first sporting event with an AI-generated commentator

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It is clear that conversational intelligence is here to stay, with ChatGPT as the main exponent in a market that does not stop growing and that affects more and more sectors. Even the commentators of sports broadcasts. Mainly, because a generative AI could eliminate a few jobs. The reason? The next Wimbledon tournament will use an AI-powered commentator, as various media have reported. Wimbledon is one of the oldest and most prestigious tennis tournaments in the world. It is held annually in London, England for two weeks in late June and early July. It is one of four Grand Slam tournaments, along with the Australian Open, Roland Garros, and the US Open. So the fact that it’s the first sporting event to use an AI as a commentator is pretty important. The Wimbledon Tennis Championships will have AI commentators It should be noted that this is not the first time that IBM has collaborated with Wimbledon. Last year they released Win Factors, an AI platform that helps to better understand how different elements, such as track type, affect a player’s ability. But this year they’ve gone a step further by introducing their own AI-generated commentator. All thanks to WatsonX AI, the artificial intelligence from IBM that will be in charge of offering comments at the key moments of the matches, and that will allow subtitles to be added or removed. To achieve their goal, the team behind Watson’s development worked with the All England Club of Wimbledon to train the AI ​​in the “unique language of tennis.” In this way, IBM has ensured that WatsonX AI will be able to make meaningful and engaging feedback for the listener. “The tool has been designed to give fans a more insightful experience by catching up on key match moments with video highlights on the Wimbledon app and wimbledon.com,” IBM said. “Its introduction this year is a step to make commentary available in an exciting way for Wimbledon’s off-court matches, which already feature live human commentary.” Undoubtedly, a new leap for conversation intelligences. Keep in mind that in Spain it will be broadcast through Movistar Plus+ and Eurosports with comments in Spanish, but the implementation of a ‘virtual commentator’ at sporting events is still curious. >

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