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Will you hold it? Xbox Series S may have trouble running games at 1440p, says Red Mountain CEO

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The Crown of Wu will be released today for PlayStation and PC via Steam and the CEO of Red Mountain Studio, the game’s developer, decided to share his vision regarding the current generation consoles, more precisely about the Xbox Series S. eurogamer, Microsoft’s console should face some issues running future games at 1440p at 60fps.

In the interview with gamingboltCarlos Montero, CEO of the developer, praised the Xbox Series S for being a more accessible version, but believes that it will become a secondary console for some people.

It will be difficult to maintain 1440p/60fps for the most demanding games of this generation. As much as Microsoft wants to sell it that way, I don’t think most consumers will buy an Xbox Series S to use as their main console this generation.

Watch the launch trailer for The Crown of Wu:

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Montero believes that Microsoft made a great strategy to associate the Xbox Series S with Game Pass, as the service offers many games with an affordable subscription, but running them can be problematic in terms of performance. He further states that the PlayStation 5 would be the go-to console for some gamers.

We cannot deny that Microsoft’s idea is very interesting, since democratizing the gaming market with an affordable console and subscription option is the perfect combination, but we will only know if Montero is correct or not when we see new titles coming to Xbox Series S.

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Do you think the Xbox Series S will have issues with future games? Tell in the comments.

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