WiFi is fine, but in these 4 occasions you should use cable yes or yes

Network wire

The WiFi connection, in general, is the one we use the most throughout the day when we are at home, at work or at university. However, it will not always be the most suitable connectivity depending on a series of cases in which, the best we can do, will be use network cable.

It is clear that it is wireless is my favorite for everyone, but today we are going to leave you 4 cases in which you should use the cable option. In this way, we will not make the mistake of having a worse connection at different times.

Download large files or transfer them

As much as our WiFi connection is good and fast, the truth is that, in these cases, when we need send or download very large files, the truth is that it will be better to connect the device to the network cable and avoid long waits. More than anything, because by using the wireless network, we will make the other connected devices have a much slower connection, since the channel will be more saturated.

Therefore, if you are going to transfer or download files with tens of gigabytes, using the Ethernet network cable will help us to release that channelso the wireless connection will not be affected on other devices that are connected.

WiFi network Ethernet cable

to play online

If we are gamers and we are going to want to enjoy an online game without connection problems, like the lag, the best we can do is connect the network cable to the console from the router. In this way, we will always manage to have the lowest possible latency. And, therefore, we will say goodbye to the problems. Although, it will also depend on the video game server we are playing.

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Also, if we have several devices connected to the wireless network at home, it will also significantly affect the performance of the Internet in the online games. And, by using cable, we will be able to remove a few milliseconds from the final connection, causing the user experience to improve significantly.

Continuous use of the network

The distance of the device we want connect by cable to the Internet with the router is key. But, if you have the opportunity to do it, do not hesitate. Especially if you are going to consume content from streaming platforms every day continuously through your Smart TV, console or computer.

With this, you will leave the wireless connection for the mobile, tablet or other devices that you have connected to the network. And, above all, you will avoid having a higher latency and, therefore, stoppages in the reproduction of the contents or ‘lagazos’.

ethernet wifi smart tv

If you need more stability in the connection

In the event that you work from home and need to have the best possible connection at all times, it is time to connect your computer to the Ethernet cable. With this you will make the connection more stable and without having to suffer any type of micro-cut that can occur in WiFi connectivity.

If you only use the smartphone, it will be more complicated, although with the right adapter you can still achieve it. It will be easier if you need to connect your PC to the router by cable. Here the greatest difficulty will be the distance. But, the truth is that it will be worth it if you need to make video calls every day, send large files, more connection speedetc.

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