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Widgets return to Facebook for Android six years and 300 versions later

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Do you remember the widgets that facebook had years ago? They were in the primitive versions of Facebook for android and there were two of them: one with quick shortcuts to create new posts and another with the latest news from your feed. They disappeared in 2016 and in 2022 they have returned.

Six years later, the Facebook app for Android has widgets again. They are two, but they are not the same ones that I already had before. Instead, they visually display the latest social network notifications.

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The new Facebook widgets


The old Facebook widgets

Widgets are back in fashion. Apple opened the season with iOS 14 and Android 12 powered them with new designs marked by the renewed design philosophy of Material You. Under this new wave of popularity, many applications have renewed or added new widgets, such as Chrome, Translate or Google Photos.

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The latest application to embrace the idea of ​​widgets is Facebook, although perhaps it would be more appropriate to say that the application has been reunited with them. Facebook had widgets until app version 63.0, back in 2016. For a while it was possible to continue using them by installing an old version of the app, but then nothing.

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The new Facebook widgets

Facebook is currently going for version 356.0 of the application, so 300 versions and six years later, Facebook has widgets again. There are two, and both are called the same: Facebook. One with size 3×3 and the other with size 5×2.

The 3×3 widget is a square that displays the latest Facebook notification visuallyhighlighting the associated image (if it’s not a notification associated with a photo, then the person’s profile photo will be used).

new widgets

The new Facebook widgets in action

The 5×3 widget displays what it calls “top notifications”, although they appear to be just the last two notifications From Facebook. This time with a different style, more text, and the full text of the notification. Tapping on one of them opens the associated content -just as if you had done it from the app- and stops being displayed in the widget: the following will be displayed.

Although small, the second widget has some shortcuts. The little Facebook button in the top right corner opens the Facebook cover, while tapping on Top notifications opens the list of notifications. These widgets are in the latest version of Facebook, although they could be progressively activated for users, as usual.

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