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WidgetPod, the ‘app’ that turns Spotify and Apple players into ‘widgets’

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With iOS 14, the famous widgets have reached the iPhone, which we have been talking about in recent months as the developers included them in their main applications. This is the case of Google, which has taken a few months to incorporate them with some slowness, which prevents us on many occasions from accessing the app to make any minor query. And the truth is that if there is any section in which these widgets are tremendously useful, that is the musical aspect, where it is always good to have a playback control to stop, go to the next track, pause or go back. Something that, curiously, neither the official spotify widget nor the apple Music widget do, which are limited to giving information on played albums, favorites, playlists, etc. A third-party app to solve the problem It is also true that iOS already has, as such, a kind of widget that we can access within the notification center, where in the first place you can see a playback control whenever you listen to music, the radio , a podcast and even a series or a movie. But an element within the home screen does not exist, so this WidgetPod is going to come in handy. The first thing we must do is download the application from the App Store, which is free, although it has purchases inside. It has enough free functionality to test it and see if it is worth spending some money so, in case we want all the premium options, then take the step to pay the 2.49 euros that it asks us for the version ” Pro”. In addition to giving us to choose which player we want to put in a widget, the application has a whole series of customization functions of the color theme (light or dark), if we want it, the large or small background, the action that it will perform when tapping on it (whether to take us to the app or control the playback from there), etc. One of its virtues is that it can be used to install several modules focused on each of the musical platforms, if we are subscribed to more than one and have separate playlists. It goes without saying that its great attraction is the possibility of having the player visible on the home screen, although if you think it is convenient to use the widgets to display albums and similar information, it depends on your needs. Of course, as an alternative to the notification center player it is more than interesting and not so much as a place to go to see what the last thing we have heard is.

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